Thinking Out Loud

Hello world!

Hi, my name is David, and I help smart companies envision and create simple, powerful internet-based tools.

My background has covered many fields – architecture, graphic arts, business, software, web … a range of disciplines, but always focused on solving complex design problems, and creating tangible things out of rough ideas.

I have always loved working on projects that are breaking new ground, that challenge existing solutions, where the directions are unknown at first. Where there are no models to follow. Making the impossible become possible.

So I’m interested in the roles and methods and cost/benefits of prototyping.

Is it always a good idea to build a prototype first, or is it more efficient to just dive in and start building the final product? How do you decide if you need a functional prototype, or a purely visual one, rough or polished?

This blog is intended to help refine these questions, or maybe provide an answer or two occasionally.


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