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The health-care play house 1

The health-care play house

Here’s an awesome idea – build a fake hospital in a huge warehouse, then let companies and innovators bring in their prototypes, and test them in ‘real world’ scenarios. Everything from robots, software, databases, diagnostics, social and organisational strategies.

Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center,  in San Leandro, CA, has labs, operating room, and an ordinary home set up. Their aim is to “bridge the gap between idea and reality”. IT people can test new gadgets and systems in a realistic setting. People designing hospitals can experiment with ways to make them more humane and efficient.

Everyone gets to make mistakes fast, iterate, and re-test.


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  • Priya says:

    Planning for worse case scenarios are generally never good for making policy, but in some situations, they can be very useful in making a point. The recent news about the US government ordering Google to release information on its users is very troubling for multiple reasons. More importantly, it underscores the tradeoff customers (and managed service providers) make for the ease of use and lower cost generally associated with public cloud computing.

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