Thinking Out Loud

Where are we at?

Where are we at?

The industrial era was a time where people learned a useful skill set, took a job, crafted a lifetime career, and retired on a pension. A lot of people found jobs that allowed them to coast along doing the same old stuff for decades.

Then the world discovered computers and joined them together, and created an efficient communication system, which destroyed most of the economic barriers of physical location, timezone, language, local scarcity. And connected individuals into new tribes based on interests, values, attitudes – instead of politics, race, wealth or gender.

The transition to an information economy is happening fast, will be extremely disruptive, but will also be “values-driven”. Consumers are already much more careful about who they buy from and whether they align with their values. The old gatekeepers aren’t in charge anymore, and if you have something of merit to bring to the table, the public can now judge it directly. And reward you for adding value to their lives.

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