Your MVP Is Minimal, But Is It Viable?

I just found this brilliant article by Alex Iskold…

He argues that the key to the vitality of new business ideas are feedback loops.
This is what makes natural systems alive and this is what makes great software alive as well.

To arrive at your MVP, strive to create a minimal product that has correct feedback loops.

Step 0: Talk to customers confirm you are onto something verbally.
Do the unscalable things to validate the market.

Step 1: Map out MVP based on your gut and understanding of the market.

Step 2: Remove features that feel unnecessary

Step 3: Combine features that can be combined, simplify

Step 4: Check the flows and feedback loops. Are you solving the problem you set to solve? Is the system dynamic enough? Will it be alive?

Repeat steps 2-4 until done.

What you are doing is you are focusing on minimal set of features, but not at the expense of viability.


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