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Future technologies might belong to the developing world

Future technologies might belong to the developing world

My daughter just came back from a trip to Myanmar (Burma).

She bought a cheap SIM card to stay in touch, maybe $10, but it came with several GIGABYTES of data.

We shared photos and vidoes and chatted. Not within minutes, but in Real Time.

There’s almost no telephone wires in the area, but ubiquitous wifi and cell phone data is the basic state of affairs there.
A couple of years ago there was NOTHING. Now there is more than we can imagine in our “advanced” countries.

Cultures in the area are leap-frogging all the historical baggage of what we think is telecommunication, and meeting us (not on parity, but probably some years ahead!) with the always-on digital access to the information economy.

It’s mind-boggling to ponder the transition. Direct from rice paddies to cloud computing on a phone.

I predict that there’s going to be more leaps in thinking and leaps in productivity from these regions – they just don’t have the mental baggage over the concepts of phones, modems, computers, networks that might stop them from seeing the possibilities.






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