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Thinking Out Loud

Who is against Cloud Computing, and why?

The first and obvious detractors are the people who write custom software. This is kind of weird, because there will always be the need for custom software – not every problem can be solved with a scalable, generic, solution over the cloud. Same goes for “on-premises software” solutions vendors. But there are some valid arguments […]

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Who is pushing Cloud Computing, and why?

Cloud is a smart way to go for most companies, at least in a number of their everyday office procedures. It’s generally cheaper than buying per-desktop licenses for proprietary on-premises software. You can leverage brilliant economies of scale offered by jumping on some standard internet-delivered software, if your needs are generic. And yet, some promises […]

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Why knowing about “The Cloud” is important.


“Moving to the Cloud” is a phrase that sums up the current shift into the next level of computing power. That shift is much faster than previous shifts, and it is completely changing the way information is processed and stored. If you understand what “The Cloud” means, then you will understand why governments, businesses, and […]

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