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Thinking Out Loud

How to get it wrong less often

I don’t like to estimate on the sort of projects that I really like working on. But sometimes I have to quote, and I usually quote too low. I know I do, I try not to, but still I fall into the trap. Not any more. There are very few people who can accurately estimate […]

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What clients thank me for

People thank me for understanding their business models, for seeing connections, for recognising problems, and for knowing how to approach solutions. Apparently, I see the forest and the trees, in equal focus. I can suggest options, I ask difficult questions. I point out the ramifications of doing things this-way or that-way. I observe how the problem might […]

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What makes me Really Angry


Contentment. It really rubs me up the wrong way. It seems to me than when a person is totally content with their life, then they have basically said “That’s enough knowledge for me. That’s enough improvement for one lifetime. Nothing more is required. Things cannot ever be better than they are right now.” They might not be saying it, but […]

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Hello world!

Hi, my name is David, and I help smart companies envision and create simple, powerful internet-based tools. My background has covered many fields – architecture, graphic arts, business, software, web … a range of disciplines, but always focused on solving complex design problems, and creating tangible things out of rough ideas. I have always loved working on […]

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