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I design value into profit by developing solutions to your problems!

Trust your vision!

People like you, with a big-picture vision, need to know where that vision is headed.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective – someone who can ask the hard questions, without judgement.

I’ve been working with startups for over 20 years, and I’d just love to hear about what you’re playing with right now.

There’s a bunch of ways that I might be able to help YOU.

SEARSON.COM – Software and Project Management

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WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality


That’s the art/science of working within a number of constraints – your budget, your vision, your expectations and key metrics.


20 Years of internet-based software development, mostly B2B  Systems. A nice mix of heavy-duty database stuff, and small web sites.


I’ll never let you down… backups, follow-ups, new ideas, and the occasional nudge in the right direction. A nice mix of data, tech, and new ideas.


I turn value into profit

my customers are always happy!

Alan Webber
David is a genuine genius. On top of that, unlike most geniuses, he's easy to work with, fun, and incredibly hard working. If I wanted to figure out a way to use the web to grow my business, connect with my customers, or market my ideas, the person I'd go to for help is David Searson.

Alan Webber - Co-founder of Fast Company magazine, Author, Gubernatorial Candidate NM

Dawn Nadeau
David is an incredible technologist and amazing collaborator. If I had to do a lifeboat of talented people he would definitely be in it.

Dawn Nadeau - Idea Catalyst,,

Rob Roesler
David is hands down the best developer I've worked with. But that title doesn't begin to describe all that he does - he's a true partner who listens and actively participates at all stages of development to make your product the best it can be. He's proactive and is always building out solutions, not pointing out problems. He understands the need to move quickly and can balance that with ensuring that he's building something that will last. Front end, middle tier, back end - he can cover it all and he is always the first person I call no matter the project.

Rob Roesler - Senior Director, Website Business & Strategy at Constant Contact

Adam Webber
I have worked with David on many projects over the years. His ability to architect entire projects has served as an invaluable asset. On one project in particular, he extended himself far beyond the project scope, finding a solution when we had none and essentially saving the project. I have worked with David on a project where there were some very difficult personalities clashing over how the project was to be built - David was able to maintain a laser like focus and turn out an amazing piece of work. He is hands down one amazing guy. I sincerely look forward to working with him again and can promise whomever decides to work with him that they have found one of the best guys to have on their team.

Adam Webber - Co-Founder of, chatterpop iOS app,

Bob Joyal
David always focused on usability at Fast Company, creating great user experiences that made Fast Company so much more than just a magazine. He created a social media application that kept the community of Fast Company readers engaged and energized... before anyone knew what "social media" was!

Bob Joyal - Engineering Manager at Akamai Technologies